Academic Care

Students who require additional learning support may receive specialist assistance at CBC Fremantle. Our Academic Care (AC) Team aims to provide boys with the opportunity to access learning and fulfil their potential.

The Academic Care environment encourages students to reach their potential by using a multi-faceted approach.  Intensive Literacy classes are run in Year 7 and 8, as well as small group tutorials for core subject areas from Year 7 to Year 10.  These tutorials are run by specialist AC teachers for each subject area, who help students understand and access the mainstream curriculum through differentiated teaching strategies.  These lessons allow boys the opportunity to seek feedback and targeted support with the demands of the core subjects.

Students who are supported by the Academic Care Team are identified using a range of methods.  Recommendations arise from primary schools, teachers, parents and specialists, as well as students who have diagnosed specific learning disorders and on entry testing that occurs in Year 6.

Boys who receive support from the AC Team can undertake many pathways in Senior School.  This includes ATAR, General, Hybrid, VET or other associated training. Whatever the need of the child, the AC Team strives to help them achieve their best.

The success of the boys comes down to the collaborative and supportive relationships with our families.  Working together is the key to ensuring all our boys are catered for to ensure they can achieve their potential.