What We Value

edit_img_9902-2.jpgAt CBC Fremantle, boys learn how to become good men. The College supports students to become leaders and true gentlemen who, informed by Christian values with a strong sense of justice,
are prepared to shape a better world.


Inspired by Christ in the Edmund Rice tradition, CBC Fremantle is a Catholic school community challenging all to a life of Faith, Leadership and Excellence.


The heart of the CBC Fremantle mission is to work in partnership with students, families and staff to form a Catholic school community that is based on Gospel values.


The values held by the CBC Fremantle community are based upon Gospel values where Jesus Christ is the cornerstone for a full Christian life. The Charter for a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition describes our aspirations as a College and is underpinned by four 'touchstones':

  • Liberating Education

  • Gospel Spirituality

  • Inclusive Community

  • Justice and Solidarity

These touchstones help us to set our direction and define our goals as we continue to reflect and to seek to make the Gospel a living reality in our community. Our College community interprets these touchstones and upholds the following five values:

Catholic Faith

Our Catholic community upholds the traditions of Edmund Rice while fostering positive relationships throughout the school environment. We strive for mutual respect and an understanding of the differences between individuals.


Our community aims to develop young men who have an active faith and, as Catholic leaders, are agents of change and a model to others in creating a more just society. We believe that our Catholic Education in the tradition of Edmund Rice should provide a variety of programs and experiences that facilitates the personal growth and holistic development of each student.


CBC Fremantle prides itself on being a supportive community that genuinely cares for all, nurturing a strong sense of belonging.


Our community seeks to create an educational environment that provides all members of the community with the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


The community at CBC celebrates its history and tradition within the local and broader community through service and pastoral care. The College will continue to enhance its involvement within the community through open communication and active participation. CBC appreciates its role within the context of this community.