College Advisory Council and Governance

College Advisory Council

CBC Fremantle is a proud member of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA). EREA was established by the Christian Brothers in 2007 to take over the governance and ownership of its schools. There are currently 47 EREA schools around Australia.

The CBC Fremantle Advisory Council operates under the framework established by EREA. This framework is known as The Design.

Importantly, the Advisory Council works collaboratively with the College Principal and the College Leadership Team to provide governance, strategic direction and support.

The Advisory Council is responsible for:


Contributing to the enhancement of the College as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition.


Contributing to the development of strategic directions in identity, education, capital and financial plans.


Endorsing College policies. A selection of College policies are available here.


Overseeing the prudent financial management of the College and endorsing the College's recurrent and capital budgets.

Reflection & Review

Regularly reviewing the progress of the College's strategic directions.

The Advisory Council generally meets seven times each year. Two of these meetings are held jointly with the College Leadership Team. The first joint meeting is held at the start of the school year to discuss the plans for the year ahead. The second joint meeting is a planning day that is held around August to review the College's Strategic Directions.

The Strategic Directions document outlines the College's Goals, which are underpinned by its Values of Catholic Faith, Leadership, Care, Excellence and Community.

Advisory Council members are appointed by EREA for a three-year term and can be renewed for up to a further two terms. The Advisory Council membership is representative of the College community with a mix of alumni and parents of current and former students.

The current members of the CBC Fremantle Advisory Council are:

  • Mark Bianchini (College Business Manager)
  • Greg Bruce
  • Domenic Burgio (College Principal)
  • Simon Byrne
  • Bernard Cronin
  • Angie Emanuele
  • Jenny Knox (College Vice Principal)
  • Regina Ledo
  • Peter Ricci
  • Shane Simons (Chair)
  • Tony Tomba (Treasurer)

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