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The CBC Journey

At CBC Fremantle we embark on a shared journey with the families of the College in the development of their sons from today's boys into the gentlemen of tomorrow.

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Welcome to CBC Fremantle

"Every boy will become a man, but not every boy becomes a gentleman," CBC student, 2012.

What makes a good man - a gentleman - is timeless. For boys to become good men, they need to learn in a tailored and challenging environment with the right combination of values, influence, guidance and example.

At CBC Fremantle, our boys are guided through their transition from boyhood to becoming good men.

The safety and wellbeing of every one of our young men is paramount. Through our unique Pastoral Care and education programs based on a strong understanding of how boys learn, students are empowered to distinguish what is true and what is false so they can build a future that is concerned with human dignity for all and care for our environment.