Scholarships and Bursaries

CBC Fremantle offers the following Scholarships and Bursaries annually. 
CBC Fremantle does not offer academic scholarships.
Decisions regarding the awarding of Scholarships and Bursaries will be made by the Principal following an interview with the student and his parents. The Principal has the final decision on the allocation of Scholarships and Bursaries to CBC Fremantle.
All incoming Year 7 families will be contacted via email in Term 1 of Year 6, with further detailed information regarding Scholarships and Bursaries and how to apply.

Music Scholarships

Brother Kelly Music Scholarship

  • The scholarship entitles the student to individual music tuition on their instrument throughout Year 7-10.
  • Applicants are assessed on their musical ability and aptitude and will meet faculty requirements.

Trombone Scholarship

  • The scholarship entitles the student to individual music tuition on the trombone and the use of a College trombone throughout Year 7-10 (where possible students are always encouraged to purchase their own instrument).
  • Suitable applicants should have either played the trombone in primary school or be interested in playing the trombone throughout their high school life.

Voice Scholarship

  • The scholarship entitles the student to weekly individual voice tuition.
  • Suitable applicants should demonstrate an interest in singing and the ability to sing back and hold a stable pitch.

The following conditions apply to the successful applicants:
• Students are expected to learn their instrument/trombone/voice from Years 7-10.
• Regular attendance at lessons.
• Regular practise routine at home.
• Involvement in College music program including active participation in Music Elective Classes (Years 7-10), College Choir and Ensembles.

Indigenous Student Scholarships and Bursaries 20240522-1h1a3948.jpg

CBC is proud to offer scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who will enter Years 7-10 from 2025.

Candidates will be selected for an interview with the Principal and the Indigenous Program Coordinator. The application and supporting documentation, such as current school reports, will be considered when the interviews are allocated.

We have the following Scholarships available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students:

  • MADALAH Scholarships
  • CBC Bursary

MADALAH Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that offers secondary and tertiary education scholarships for Indigenous students. MADALAH secondary scholarships provide support to students from Year 7 -12. These scholarships are administered by MADALAH on behalf of the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). CBC Fremantle is a partner school with MADALAH and therefore students who do not have a financial means to otherwise attend CBC Fremantle may be eligible. For more information, please visit their website:

CBC Bursaries are available to the families of Indigenous students who do not qualify for a MADALAH Scholarship.  If successful, bursaries will cover the full cost of tuition fees.

The Bursary does not cover the cost of any other fees or charges which the College sets, nor the cost of books and uniform, nor the charges normally associated with any other programs which the College may offer.

Successful applicants will be part of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Tutor Squad. We share breakfast along with our AIEO* Need to say what this is each week and catch up on any work.


Where possible, the applicant should include the following documentation in the application submission:

  1. Student’s most recent school reports
  2. Most recent NAPLAN results
  3. Personal reference, including the referees’ address and contact telephone number e.g. from a teacher, coach, mentor.
  4. Completed application form
  5. Copy of your child’s birth certificate
  6. Proof of Disadvantage, this can be one of the following:
  • Financial for low-income families, single parent (e.g., tax return, Pension Card, Health Care Card).  Please note that both sides of a Pension Card or Health Care Card is required or,
  • Geographical for families living in regional areas (e.g., utilities bill, i.e., Electricity, or gas or water bill) or
  • Other statement of living situation (i.e., overcrowding, living out of home) 
  1. Proof of Descent, this can be one of the following documents:
  • Letter from an Indigenous Corporation or Land Council or,
  • Grandparent’s letter from an Indigenous Corporation or Land Council and the parent’s birth certificate and child’s birth certificate or,
  • Parent’s letter from an Indigenous Corporation or Land Council and child’s birth certificate or,
  • Proof of ABSTUDY payments


The continuation of the sponsorship is dependent upon satisfactory application to progress at school, full support of the College commitments and expectations, and involvement in the life of the College.

The Scholarship or Bursary is awarded to a student who wishes to attend CBC Fremantle and meets the following criteria:

  1. Desire of family for a Catholic education
  2. Demonstrates a strong interest for learning
  3. Demonstrates regular school attendance (at least 80%)
  4. Aspires to go to a Catholic Secondary School
  5. The student’s application is endorsed by a member of the CECWA Aboriginal Community Sub Committee or an Aboriginal Corporation (e.g. South West Land and Sea Council) to ensure that the student fulfils the definition of being Aboriginal.

To make enquiries regarding any of the above Scholarships or Bursaries, please contact Registrar, Ms Emma Polain via email: