Old Boys' Association

Alumni Recognition Award Winners 2019

The CBC Fremantle Old Boys' Association is proud to recognise three of its most exceptional members through this year's Alumni Recognition Awards.

Alumni Recognition Award Winners 2019

These three exceptional Old Boys will receive their awards at Saturday's All Ages Reunion.

The annual awards recognise graduates of CBC who embody the qualities of the CBC gentleman, and are making a real difference in the world.

CBC Fremantle congratulates this year's Alumni Recognition Award winners, who will receive their accolades at the All Ages Reunion at the College on Saturday evening. Click here to secure your tickets.

Rising Star – Ayden Doohan (Class of 2012)

Less than 10 years after graduating from CBC Fremantle, Ayden Doohan is already making a big difference in the world.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at University of Notre Dame, Ayden began volunteering with On My Feet, which is a running program aiming to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

In addition to his day job as an executive analyst at KordaMentha, an Australian advisory and investment firm, the previous College Captain dedicates more than 20 hours of his free time each week to the volunteer organisation as its Executive Director.

In the role, he manages three unique programs across seven locations in two countries, as volunteers seek to improve the lives of people sleeping on the streets.

Participants' first introduction to the organisation is through running and exercise groups, where they are provided with running gear, and find friends, fitness, and a consistent routine. Once runners achieve 90% attendance, On My Feet volunteers help connect them with potential employers and education programs designed to help them find their feet again.

In his Captain's address to the College ACC Athletics team in 2012, Ayden said, "The successes which we are striving for will be more easily achieved if we are there for each other throughout the day."

Ayden has clearly taken this same approach to life after graduation, helping both himself and those around him find success through tight-knit and passionate teams.

Through his work, Ayden exemplifies all characteristics of the CBC gentleman, particularly through his recognition and value for the 'other' in his life.

It is for this reason Ayden was a natural choice for the 2019 Rising Star award.

Leadership – Nick Jenkins (Class of 1991)

An outstanding and consistent leader in every aspect of his life, Nick Jenkins is the very worthy recipient of this year's Brother Kelly Leadership Award.

This Award recognises alumni who are leaders not just in their profession, but in their very nature, and so serve as an inspiration to the next generation of CBC graduates.

As a student, Nick earned the respect of staff and students alike in his role as College Captain, as well as through serving on a variety of other school committees, and representing CBC in Swimming, Rugby and Water Polo.

Inspired by Brother Kelly during his time at the College, Nick decided to pursue a career in education, and only ten years after graduating from CBC he was appointed Director of Sports at Mandurah Catholic College.

There was never a dull moment at Mandurah, with Nick's responsibilities including catering to the sporting needs of more than 1,700 students, and the management of 80 weekend sports teams and 40 inter-school squads.

In 2016, Nick was involved in the dramatic rescue of surfer Ben Gerring, who was attacked by a shark while surfing at Gearies Beach, just south of Mandurah.

When Nick saw a commotion on the beach, his inherent desire to help those around him shone through as he leapt into action, running towards the stricken surfer who was barely clinging to life.

Immediately, Nick took control of the situation, managing Ben's airway and coordinating the rescue effort and growing crowd for almost half-an-hour until the first ambulance arrived.

Ben ultimately succumbed to his terrible injuries, but Premier Mark McGowan presented Nick with a gold medallion at the 2017 Surf Life Saving Costal Bravery Awards in recognition for his valiant efforts on that autumn day.

Never one to be content to sit back, Nick is now the director of partnerships at Champion Life, an online initiative that, coupled with immersive and interactive workshops, embraces technology to help students from Years 4 to 8 improve their physical and mental health.

Community Award – Aldo Mendolia (Class of 1980)

A stalwart of the Fremantle seafaring community, Aldo Mendolia is the deserving winner of this year's Community Award.

Born into one of Fremantle's most respected fishing families, Aldo has never strayed far from his Sicilian roots, and is always a familiar face at both the annual Blessing of the Fleet and Madonna del Tindari celebrations at St Patrick's Basilica.

Aldo also played a key role in establishing and running the annual Fremantle Sardine Festival, which became an iconic event on the port city's calendar for more than a decade.

In 1999, Aldo and his family diversified their business, which today boasts one of Australia's most modern salmon and sardine canning factories and is committed to only using locally sourced fish.

For all his life, Aldo has never strayed far from the water, working as a skipper on tourist boats along the North West Coast, before returning to Perth to captain a different kind of charter.

Aldo now volunteers his skills to captain for Fishabilities – a group that brings the relaxation of fishing to those living with disabilities.

For nine years now Aldo has supported the organisation's incredible work, taking people with disabilities out on the water to throw a line in while enjoying the benefits of fresh ocean air, the thrill of the catch, and the honour of taking home their cleaned and scaled fish.

Aldo is a shining example of what it means to be a CBC gentleman, particularly by showing the next generation what it means to be a gentleman who forms attitudes and actions based on Gospel values, and who is selfless by nature.