Alumni Recognition Award Winners 2018

Alumni Recognition Award Winners 2018

John Hughes is the recipient of this year's Brother Kelly Leadership Award.

The CBC Fremantle Old Boys' Association is proud to commend three of its most outstanding members through this year's Alumni Recognition Awards.

The annual awards recognise graduates of the College who are making a real difference in the world, and embody the qualities of the CBC gentleman.

A CBC gentleman forms attitudes and actions based on Gospel values; strives to be his best; is accountable, resilient and prepared to overcome challenges; is selfless and able to form positive, mutually-beneficial relationships; and recognises and values the 'other' in his life.

CBC Fremantle congratulates this year's Alumni Recognition Award winners.

Rising Star Award

Perhaps Fremantle's most popular man of the moment, Luke Whelan is the brains behind The Dock Wharf Bar.

The Rising Star Award recognises a graduate up to 30 years of age who has already made an exceptional impact in their field.

Since graduating CBC in 2006, Luke has been a leader in the Australian digital and entertainment realms, co-founding the @perthisok Instagram account in 2014, amassing more than 200,000 followers and in excess of 1.9 million photos tagged #perthisok.

Following his involvement in nightclub Jack Rabbit Slim's, arts, music and culture blog Pilerats, and festivals including Fidelity and Castaway, and noticing the increasing popularity of pop-up venues, Luke turned his attention to a new challenge: creating a unique and innovative experience, in the heart of Fremantle's Port.

Now in its second 'series', The Dock remains the place to be in the port city, inspiring calls for more similar spaces to be created to breathe life back into Fremantle's forgotten corners.

Luke is a fantastic example of a CBC gentleman, particularly demonstrating a commitment to his personal best in all aspects of his work, as well as his ability to overcome challenges.

Leadership Award

A strong and consistent supporter of CBC Fremantle, John Hughes is the winner of this year's Brother Kelly Leadership Award.

The Award recognises alumni who are leaders within their profession, and serve as an inspiration to the next generation of graduates.

John graduated from CBC in 1952, and has always been a strong supporter of his high school, regularly taking time to speak to current students and pass on the wisdom he has acquired in more than 50 years of business experience.

From humble beginnings, John has become one of WA's most successful businessmen, known for his commitment to building relationships and learning from past experiences.

John attributes this success to the discipline and education he received from the Christian Brothers. He serves as an exemplary example of a gentleman who strives for his best, forms positive relationships, and values the 'other' by helping people in need.

Community Award

Less than 10 years after graduating from CBC Fremantle, this year's Community Award recipient, Dr Ryan O'Hare Doig, has already made an incredible contribution to the world.

The Community Award commends graduates who have served their community, and made significant impacts through humanitarian and charitable endeavours.

Only 10 years after leaving the College, Ryan has become a leader in the field of neurotrauma and traumatic spinal cord injury, receiving first class honours in 2012, and his PHD in 2017.

His doctoral research developed and optimised an innovative treatment strategy for spinal cord injuries, which has demonstrated significant functional recovery while keeping surgical invasion to a minimum and is set for clinical trials in the very near future.

Dr Doig is highly regarded in his field, with his published work including two reviews, seven research papers, five abstracts in high impact international journals, and more than 20 presentations and conferences and seminars.

In addition to his research work, Ryan is committed to supporting the community and the 'other' in his life, with his charity work helping to raise in excess of one million dollars.

A true example of a CBC gentleman, Ryan's work has given hope not only to those living with spinal cord injuries, but also their families, friends and carers.

Dr Doig strives for his best in every aspect of his life, and is prepared to accept and overcome challenges, particularly where they provide significant benefit to others.

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