The Rite Journey

CBC Fremantle's unique Pastoral Care programmes involve ceremonial rites of passage and nurture young men throughout their secondary school years.

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Learning at CBC

At CBC Fremantle, young men learn how to be gentlemen. Informed by Christian values and a strong sense of justice, students are equipped to be leaders who will shape a better world.

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The Homecoming

The Homecoming

The Rite Journey programme for 2016 culminated in a Homecoming ceremony at Point Walter, with the Year 9 cohort being symbolically returned to their parents by The Rite Journey teachers after spending the year learning skills to assist them on their journey to manhood.

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Welcome to CBC Fremantle

"Every boy will become a man, but not every boy becomes a gentleman," CBC student, 2012.

What makes a good man - a gentleman - is timeless. For boys to become good men, they need to learn in a tailored and challenging environment with the right combination of values, influence, guidance and example.

At CBC Fremantle, our boys are guided through their transition from boyhood to becoming good men.

Through our unique Pastoral Care and education programmes based on a strong understanding of how boys learn, students can become leaders in their quest to achieve personal excellence.

At CBC Fremantle, we strive to guide each boy to graduate as a gentleman who will live his life informed by Christian values with a strong sense of justice. We aspire for each of our young men to become a leader who is prepared to shape a better world.

Located in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia, CBC Fremantle (est. 1901) is a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition for young men from Years 7 to 12. In striking a balance between the positive progress of modern day society and the enduring values and traditions of its forefathers, the College serves to enrich the lives of young men and the communities which they will serve.

To find out how your son could learn to be a gentleman at CBC, request a prospectus or register for a College tour.