Commencing the Journey

Commencing the Journey

Year 7 boys spent the day making plenty of friends, while learning about their new school.

The College welcomed the Class of 2024 today, with the gentlemen in Year 12 spending the day showing their younger peers the ropes of their new school.

The Class of 2018 formed a traditional guard of honour for their Year 7 buddies, as parents watched their sons take their first steps towards becoming tomorrow's gentlemen.

After spending some time getting to know their new Mentor teachers, the new students had time to familiarise themselves with their lockers, the layout of the campus, and the general routine of life at CBC.

After a shared recess, the Year 7 boys spent some time designing banners and composing House chants, while the Year 12 students spent some time with CBC Old Boys, Tyson Beattie and John Hughes, who shared some of the lessons they've learnt since leaving CBC.

The young ones spent the rest of their exciting day participating in an Amazing Race around the College, getting to know the grounds through a variety of fun activities.

Students in Years 8 to 11 will return to the College on Thursday.