Welcoming the newest Old Boys

Welcoming the newest Old Boys

The breakfast provided a chance for Old Boys to reflect on the past six years with the teachers who made their journey special.

The College welcomed back Year 13 students this morning, with the Class of 2017 converging on the Cloisters to share breakfast before their busy year ahead.

Year 12 Prefects were up at the crack of dawn preparing a mountain of bacon and egg rolls for the College's most recent graduates.

Laughter soon filled the air, with the Class of 2017 busy catching up with mates, reminiscing with teachers, and sharing their hopes for the future.

Principal Mr Domenic Burgio spoke to the group briefly, affirming the strong relationship they will always have with the College, and the importance of being CBC gentlemen for the rest of their lives.

Old Boys' Association President, Terry Iannello, also addressed the graduates, emphasising the work the Association does to support its members and the College.

The new Old Boys also spent some time in their Mentor groups, reiterating to today's boys the values of maintaining their commitment to the College.

Today's gentlemen were also invited to attend this morning's assembly, where nine of their peers were inducted into the prestigious 95 Academic Club. Read more about the assembly here.

Photos from the breakfast can be accessed through the Old Boys' gallery.