Called on the journey

Called on the journey

The College aims to support the essential work of families in the development of their sons.

Year 9 students and their families gathered at Monument Hill on Friday evening to celebrate an important milestone on their journey to becoming tomorrow's gentlemen.

The 'Calling and Departure' marks the commencement of The Rite Journey, a programme that provides a series of ceremonies that mark the transition from boyhood to manhood.

The ceremonies began at the bottom of the hill, where College Principal, Mr Domenic Burgio, explained the symbol of walking up the hill to reflect the challenges associated with becoming a good man and leaving childhood behind. Boys were reminded that after each of life's uphill climbs, there is a spectacular view from the top and you are in a better position to see further opportunities.

Overlooking Fremantle, the community prayed for the Year 9 cohort, asking God to support them as they transition into manhood.

CBC Old Boy and 2017 College Captain, Nic Watson, shared a reflection on his Rite Journey experience, encouraging boys to fully embrace the programme and all it has to offer.

Moving off in family groups, each boy created a moment to remember for his family, presenting his parents with a letter of thanks for their unconditional love and support over their childhood.

The parents then symbolically handed their son to their Rite Journey teacher for the transitional year ahead. Over the year, boys will embark on a series of challenges with their Rite Journey teachers, designed to develop self-confidence and resiliency while also fostering discussion on contemporary issues and emotions they may struggle with. The developing young men were also presented with a Rite Journey Journal that they will use to record their family's history as they delve into their roots to foster a deep sense of belonging and identity.

The Rite Journey seeks to reinforce and promote the attributes of positive masculinity that is the foundation of the CBC gentleman, and plays an important role in preparing Year 9 boys for the responsibilities they are encouraged to accept in Year 10 and beyond.