Waiting on the ladies

Waiting on the ladies

Year 9 students from Mr Burgio's TRJ class serving dinner.

Showing respect and appreciation of women is an integral message of The Rite Journey programme, and the students in Mr Burgios' TRJ class went one step further to celebrate the special ladies in their lives. The Year 9 students wowed their mums, grandmothers, sisters and the female staff of CBC with two nights of long table dining experiences to rival a top notch restaurant.

The young men assisted to create an enchanted table in the College Boardroom, with massed flowers, sparkling crystal glassware and perfectly laid cutlery. The theme extended to the backdrop and fairy lights, setting the mood for a magical evening.

The Rite Journey programme offers challenges for the students to gain confidence with experiences outside of their comfort zone. The boys learned about tableware and dining etiquette, preparing and serving food for a large group, food preparation and cooking.

The menu had something for everyone, with a choice of freshly caught grilled whiting or melt-in-the-mouth beef fillet as mains, and all topped off with Mrs Burgio's famous recipe for tiramisu ai frutti di bosco.

Mums were very proud of their boys, hugging them in delight at the end of the special evening as the young men received a round of applause for their incredible effort.

It was also a special moment for the teaching staff, who appreciated the chance for a relaxed chat with their colleagues while soaking up the service of their attentive hosts.