Striving for excellence

Striving for excellence

Joshua Hardbottle, Year 11, receives his award.

The College community gathered this morning to celebrate more than 110 boys who have achieved excellence in various areas of their studies in the past year.

The assembly recognised boys who have achieved Colours in the fields of Academics, Arts, Sport, House and Service for three consecutive years, and so are now awarded Honours.

Boys from years 8 to 11 who achieved at least 80% A grades in their reports last year were also recognised and awarded Certificates of Excellence.

The presence of more than 60 parents was a welcome addition to the event, as Principal Shaun Kenny explained when addressing students at the assembly.

"We know that everything we achieve at the College, and everything that you achieve personally is largely down to yourselves, with the assistance of the staff, as well as the support you receive at home," he said.

"Without all three of those elements working in unison, we achieve very little."

Mr Kenny also used the assembly as an opportunity to remind boys of the challenge they are presented with every day they're at the College.

"Each one of you is called to excellence in every pursuit you undertake," he said.

"What we call upon you to do on every occasion is to prepare thoroughly and do your best at those times. When you do that, you will achieve excellence, and as a school, we will count that as excellence.

"By the end of this year, I would like to shake the hand of every one of you and acknowledge your effort in some sphere of the activities at this school, because you are striving for excellence and doing your best."

A key quality of a CBC gentleman is that he strives to be his best, and understands the value of doing so. The College firmly believes in rewarding and recognising boys who constantly provide their best effort in any field.