Starting on The Rite Journey

Starting on The Rite Journey

CBC community gathers at Monument Hill for The Rite Journey opening ceremony.

Year 9 students at CBC Fremantle commenced an important stage of their journey to manhood on Friday evening at Monument Hill.

The opening ceremony of the Rite Journey programme is a key milestone on every CBC boys' journey from today's boy to tomorrow's gentleman, and marks the beginning of a year that will see them transition into young adulthood.

As the sun sunk behind the port city, Principal Mr Shaun Kenny encouraged the boys to see the event as a symbol of the sun setting on their childhood, as parents symbolically handed their sons over to their Rite Journey teachers for a year of significant personal growth.

The evening also provided an opportunity for boys to reflect on and thank their parents for the unconditional love and support they received during their childhood. Moving off in family groups, the young men presented their parents with handwritten letters, affirming their love and appreciation.

For the Year 9 boys, this year their male Rite Journey teacher s and mentors will guide them through a series of challenges designed to develop self-confidence, and foster discussion on issues and emotions they might struggle with.

The Rite Journey remains a core element of the CBC journey, giving expression to the College's values, and preparing students for the responsibilities they are encouraged to accept in Year 10 and beyond.