Tomorrow's leaders

Tomorrow's leaders

Students retain their crosses, and add a new name each year.

The College gathered this morning for a special assembly to honour Remembrance Day, and to recognise award winners and incoming student leaders.

Head of HASS, Ms Carol Denny, commenced the ceremony with a reflection on her personal connection to World War II with stories about her grandfathers' encounters with the Nazi party while living in the Netherlands, and encouraged students to spend time reflecting on what can be learnt from history.

After a wreath was laid by Principal Mr Shaun Kenny and College Captain Benjamin Parker, students placed small crosses at the base of the flag, each inscribed with names of Western Australians who lost their lives in armed conflict.

Following the Remembrance Day ceremony, Year 12 student Tom Corrie was awarded the Ben Foley Surfing trophy, named in honour of Mr Ben Foley, a teacher at the College who passed away from cancer in 2013.

A number of Year 11 students were also presented with awards, recognising their service to the Lions Club Annual Conference, hosted in Fremantle this year, and the Australian Chemistry Olypmiad, in which three students achieved distinctions.

The assembly concluded with the Prefect Inauguration ceremony, where the leaders of 2018 were presented with their badge of office. Parents were invited to pin the prefect badges on their son's blazer, symbolising the relationship between the families and the College in the education of the young men at CBC.

As part of their journey to tomorrow's gentlemen, students are encouraged to reflect on how they can be leaders in every aspect of their lives, in both formal and informal capacities.