Reflective Year 10 Retreat

Reflective Year 10 Retreat

Year 10 Retreat

Year 10 students spent the past two days outside the classroom, learning about and reflecting on themselves and their relationships with others.

The boys spent one of the Retreat days at the College participating in the Loving for Life programme, which addresses issues about sexual health, relationships with others and what it means to be a gentleman in today's world.

On the remaining day of the Retreat students reflected on how they can serve 'the other' in their lives. Group discussions on compassion, solidarity, and service advocacy, which all form an integral part of the CBC journey, were complemented with speakers and presentations to illustrate real life examples.

The Retreat programme builds on ideas explored in previous years, including the Year 9 Galilee, which focusses on the life of Jesus and how boys can live out His mission in their everyday lives.

Students at CBC attend at least one Retreat every year, which provides a focussed and relaxed environment for boys to reflect where they are on their CBC journey.