Service in the Philippines

Service in the Philippines

Students returned home enriched by their experiences of a new culture, and with a renewed desire to serve others.

Ten CBC students and two teachers spent their October holidays in a remote part of the Philippines, working with the Christian Brothers and living out the EREA Touchstones.

The group's focus on the 10 day annual Immersion was helping the Brothers of Edmund Rice Ministries serve communities in and around Maasin, including helping with health screenings, assisted food programmes, and anti-bullying programmes.

Boys also served local schools by ploughing fields, weeding, and planting eco gardens, before letting their hair down and learning some traditional games and dances and teaching Filipino children how to play AFL football and 'duck, duck, goose'.

The young gentlemen also spent part of their time at an Badjao village, making and serving lunch, and helping Edmund Rice Ministry staff with an ear screening programme for youngsters. Later, many of the children spent the day teaching boys sign language, before giving them a test to make sure they were paying attention!

Inspired by what they had seen during their time in the Philippines, the boys collected their left-over pesos on the final night, and asked for them to be distributed in the morning to families living on the streets.

The Philippines Immersion provides students with the chance to learn about a culture different to their own, and discover the value of providing service. Their new perspective also allows them to see the similarities between communities across the globe.

The Immersion is also one of the strongest ways of living out the EREA Touchstones, including Liberating Education, Inclusive Community, and Justice and Solidarity.