Building tomorrow's leaders

Building tomorrow's leaders

CBC's up-and-coming leaders have returned from a challenging weekend at Camp Kelly in Dwellingup, where they developed their leadership skills, learning more about themselves and their peers in the process.

The camp is a recent addition to the College's leadership programme, which builds on skills and confidence, and encourages a positive influence in the broader community both now and after graduation.

The weekend also provided Year 10 and 11 students with a valuable opportunity to reflect on how they have developed as good young men after the Year 9 watershed programme, The Rite Journey.

For many of the students, the camp's activities provided an opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones within a safe and controlled environment.

Between activities, boys were also able to strengthen relationships with their peers with whom they will be leading the College in the near future.

Old Boys, Peter Christie ('10) and Tyrone Thwaites ('08) spoke to the students about their experiences, including how they found leadership opportunities after graduating from the College.

The leadership programme assists boys in the process of becoming a CBC gentlemen, and honours the College's journey from today's boys to tomorrow's gentlemen.