Immersed in Indigenous culture

Immersed in Indigenous culture

Learning about the importance of dance in Aboriginal culture was a highlight for many boys.

Spending a day immersed in Indigenous culture was the perfect way for Year 7 boys to round out CBC's NAIDOC Week celebrations.

Students started the day in the ALA, learning traditional dances with the assistance of Marcus Hayden (Year 8) while a special guest to the College, Mr Olman Walley, played didgeridoo. The boys also heard from members of Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) about the significance of NAIDOC Week.

Students then spent the day rotating through a range of activities, including painting their own message sticks with the help of AIME volunteers, learning songs and dances, and trying out a variety of traditional Aboriginal weapons.

Boys also spent two periods with Indigenous Communities Education & Awareness Foundation volunteers, who role-played different scenarios to help students explore the historical and contemporary issues facing Indigenous Australians.

The day concluded a week of NAIDOC celebrations at the College, in which boys from all years engaged with Aboriginal culture, including practicing their dot-painting skills, learning to play the didgeridoo and entering ICEA's 'Propagate' competition.

The week of activities shines a light on the College's continuing commitment to recognising the important role Aboriginal culture plays in Australia, and the value its people add to our community.