Embracing tomorrow's gentlemen

Embracing tomorrow's gentlemen

The evening marks the conclusion of an emotional year, for boys and parents alike.

A stroll along the Swan River provided the perfect backdrop for reflection on a year of challenges and rites of passage as Year 9 students were symbolically returned to their parents at The Rite Journey's Homecoming ceremony.

After walking shoulder-to-shoulder with their peers, in a display of the cohort's solidarity with one another, students were congratulated by their teachers on their growth through the year.

Each family then walked along the river, where they presented their young man with a letter of love and affirmation, reflecting a similar gesture by their sons at the start of the year.

The Rite Journey commences with The Calling and Departure ceremonies at Monument Hill, where each boy is called to look back on their childhood and embrace the challenges of growing into tomorrow's gentleman.

The Homecoming follows The Abyss, a cathartic solo camping experience at Bindoon, where students spend a night alone in a tent considering the man they aspire to be and writing a letter of commitment to their future self.

The Rite Journey's rites of passage ceremonies are an integral part of the CBC journey, encouraging a sense of self and confidence through challenging experiences which honour and guide each young gentleman's transition into adulthood.