Drama entertainment for Easter

Drama entertainment for Easter

The boys who performed the play spent weeks rehearsing for the liturgy.

The College gathered in prayer for the final time this term to reflect on the true meaning of Easter for Catholics at a special community Liturgy.

In his opening reflection, College Captain Nicholas Watson explained his hopes for the Easter season.

"We hope for peace, we hope for justice, we hope for equality and we hope for love," he said.

"I hope that this Easter season is for our society a demonstration of Christ's ongoing love and ongoing presence in today's troubled world."

Staff and students were then treated to an entertaining performance by boys from Ms Jeffrey's Year 10 drama class, who explained the significance of Easter in an engaging and humorous play, with the audience surrounding the stage on all sides. The young thespians acted out a conversation between friends, exploring some common beliefs about the Easter season, eventually discovering its importance for Catholics.

The liturgy also featured a symbolic display of servant leadership, with nine staff washing the feet of students. This re-enactment of Jesus' washing of the disciples' feet, as seen in the Bible, has become a yearly tradition at CBC's Easter Liturgy.

After a blessing from Father John Sebastian, Principal Shaun Kenny addressed the assembly and reminded everyone of the challenge that Jesus' resurrection sets for us as Christians.

"If the Easter story had finished at the crucifixion, there would be no Christianity. There would be no faith as we know it," he said.

"What happens three days later, the resurrection of Jesus, brought light into the world.

"He taught the world, for all time, that life is actually about hope, and that there is great hope in the world.

"Nic began his prayer at the beginning of this liturgy with the challenge, and the great hope that the resurrection gives us, and that is the challenge we take on every day as Christians."

Mr Kenny challenged students to make the world a better place through their lives.

"How do we bring love and hope and joy and equality and justice to our world?" he asked.

"We can do it in big ways and in little ways.

"Take that home with you and reflect on it, and think about what you can do personally and individually to bring joy and hope to the lives of others through the way you live."

He also congratulated the gentleman who performed the liturgy's play, thanking them for their commitment.

"I'm very proud of this school, and I'm proud of you all every day, but I'm especially proud of those boys who had the courage to stand up and give that performance, and to outline the story of our faith for us, in the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ."