Celebrating excellence

CBC Fremantle community gathered this morning to celebrate the exceptional achievement of its students, including nine of the Class of 2016.

At the assembly, seven of last year's cohort who achieved an ATAR of above 95 were welcomed into the College's 95 Academic Club, an extraordinary effort that places the young men in the top five percent of the entire state.

The newest members of the 95 Academic Club are:edit_img_4144.jpg

  • Riley Faulds
  • Conor Hars
  • Jack Bowater
  • Keane Bourke
  • Emmanuel Terzoudis-Lumsden
  • Ryan Pace
  • Yusef Hourani.

Last year's College Captain, Riley Faulds, was also recognised by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) for achieving the highest ATAR examination mark for Religion and Life in the state.

The assembly also recognised nine members of the Class of 2016 who achieved a Certificate of Distinction, which is awarded by SCSA to students who achieve 20 A grades during Years 11 and 12.

Continuing to acknowledge the quest for personal excellence, the assembly concluded with Ms Marilyn Schmidt presenting 70 members of the Academic Excellence Programme (AEP). Boys who achieve scores in the top 15% of their cohort in at least three of their core subjects and invited to join the AEP, which provides students with further challenges in eight areas of learning.

The College encourages boys to strive for personal excellence in every aspect of their education at the College.