CBC welcomes its next generation

CBC Fremantle welcomed its newest members yesterday, with Year 12 students working closely with the new Year 7 boys to ensure their transition into CBC is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The young men in Year 12, who are this year's College leaders, started their final year at CBC on Tuesday with a retreat to prepare them for the important times ahead, which included an Mass with staff in Blessed Edmund Chapel, and guided meditation.

The new Year 7 boys officially began their journey at CBC with a traditional College ceremony, joining their new community through a guard of honour made up of their Year 12 buddies.

Following goodbyes from mums and dads, and a short address by College Principal, Mr Shaun Kenny, the boys were introduced to their Mentor rooms where they will begin each day for the rest of their time at the College, and were provided with the opportunity to make friends with their Year 12 buddy and get to know their Mentor teacher. The older boys also had the opportunity to pass on some wisdom to the rookies, showing them around the campus and helping them to organise their lockers.

For the Year 7 boys, the remainder of the day was spent familiarising themselves with their courses, teachers, and laptops, including the College's Seqta information system, and the new College passports.

The Year 12 boys were treated to a number of talks to finish the day, hearing from CBC Old Boys, Tyson Beattie and John Hughes. Both Tyson and John remembered fondly their time at CBC, while also sharing some lessons they've learnt in life that could be helpful for the College leaders as they prepare to enter the real world. They also reviewed the results of the Class of 2016 with Deputy Principal, Mr Neil Alwyn, and were given an overview of the academic year before them.

Students in Years 8 to 11 returned to the College on Thursday, commencing the day with a brief assembly, before moving to their Mentor groups to prepare for the year ahead.