CBC offers different perspectives

Two CBC Fremantle students were recognised in the 2016 Year 12 Perspectives art exhibitions, for works they created with the theme of 'spirituality'.yusef-with-his-artwork-at-perspectives-2017.jpg

Yusef Hourani, who graduated in 2016 and won the Principal's Choice Award at CBC's annual Visual Art Exhibition in his final year, had his piece shown at the Art Gallery of WA, alongside some of the state's most talented young artists. Classmate Jayden Stumbles also had his artwork exhibited as part of Southern Perspectives at the Heathcote Gallery.

Jayden's large nude portrait is a stunning display of painting that showcased his impressive skills at tonal technique and shading. The bold figure on a stark white background has a Dali-esque feel, unravelling and mask-like, casting a shadow open to individual interpretation.

Yusef spent over 1000 hours creating his intricate and unique work, which gives expression to his personal beliefs and views on spirituality.

"Plurality, tolerance and balance have always been a part of my life. Having a Lebanese, Muslim father and an Italian, Catholic mother has exposed me to the different creeds of faith and cultural ways of life," Yusef said.

"The more I explore these two worlds, the more similarities I find, thus it is only natural that my spiritual understanding is fuelled by universality and rooted in pluralism."

Yusef was a key member of the College's Art department. Aside from his devotion to the visual arts, the young man is also a keen musician and was the winner of the 2017 CBC Fremantle Visual Art Award.

Congratulations to Jayden and Yusef for being selected to be a part of the state's most prestigious metropolitan exhibitions.